Apr 17 2013

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Her Story

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 My God is my King moved to Moab

A beautiful woman approached the heroes and heroines and asked their help. When they inquired how they can help her, she explained she had a story to tell that was part of her life, but she did not know how.

This is her story.

My God is My King

There was a man called “my God is my king” and he married a woman called “Pleasant”. His family was from the original settlers in the country. His clan was called “Fruitfulness” and they lived in a place of abundance, in the territory of the tribe of Praise, until one day…

A severe famine broke out and “My God is my King” had to decide what is best for his family. He could stay where his eyes saw the lack of abundance, there was no bread, and famine brought lack in everything…work, food, and survival. According to him there was no more fruitfulness or abundance, and no reason to praise.

He decided to abandon the place of abundance, his people and he went against his own name. He trusted in what his eyes saw and what he could control. God was not his king anymore. He never considered the possibility that God loved his people and that perhaps the famine was a way God was disciplining his children.

From My Father

“My God is my king” moved to a land that has been an enemy to his people for a very long time, and he submitted under their gods.  He convinced himself that it was the right thing to do. After all, this land he was moving to was called “From my father” and the people were very distant relatives of his people. He ignored the fact that his people were forbidden to marry their woman, and that in the history of his people 24,000 people died because they had disobeyed this command.

My God is my king died a stranger in a strange land. He left behind two sons whose names had double meanings. His eldest was called Jubilant or Sickness and his youngest son was called Crown or Faint/Annihilation.

His two sons married women from this land.  Sickness married Friendship and Annihilation married Youthful Freshness. Ten years later the two sons had also died, leaving their mother, Pleasant a widow with nothing and their wives with no children.

Ten years changed Pleasant. Did she feel that it was God’s fault that she was left with nothing, with no husband, no financial support, no heirs that could give her hope for her future?

Pleasant  Did Three Things

During this time Pleasant heard that her land was blessed again. She did three things:


  1. She had not repentance in her, and changed her name from Pleasant to Bitterness. She felt she had lost everything and that she had nothing to offer. God had turned against her.
  2.  Bitterness returned to the land of her God, to the province of Praise, but did she return to her God?
  3.  Her daughters-in-law wanted to accompany her to her homeland but Bitterness encouraged them to turn back. Youthful Freshness hesitated and reasoned with Bitterness. But Bitterness was adamant and after the third time she convinced Youthful Freshness to return to her family, to go back to her false gods. Her reasons were that she was too old to have more sons for them to marry. If she did have a son they would waste their life waiting for the sons to grow up, and that God had turned against her.


Friendship, her name also meant Companion, stayed true to her name, to her mother-in-law and to God. Everything was against her.  She was from the wrong background; she was the enemy who worshipped false gods. She had nothing to offer; she was a widow with no support, no income, and no child. Her mother-in-law did everything in her power to convince her not to go with her.

Friendship did not blame God for her situation and she was not ashamed to confess her faith, a faith that came to her as an adult. She was prepared to follow and obey the same God that Bitterness blamed.

Bitterness and Friendship returned to Bitterness’ homeland, to the town of abundance, called House of Bread. How ironic…a childless widow with no financial support and therefore dependent on the help of the community brought with her another childless widow.


Do You Know?

The heroes and heroines were very intrigued, and asked the woman, “Do you know who the characters in the story are?”

“No,” she answered, “I don’t know for sure. Perhaps I am the one that went back to her family, because I cannot remember anything further. I have asked my two companions, but they don’t know either. The elder woman says she remembered God did a miracle.”

The heroes and heroines promised to find out and to return to her with the answer.


Dear readers,

we are the heroes and heroines.

Can you help this woman?

Do you know who these characters are?




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