Jan 10 2013

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The mother of Isaac

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Genesis 12-23

The next day the older woman was very eager to hear what the heroes and heroines had found out.

You were called Sarai. God changed your name to Sarah. He also changed your husband’s name from Abram to Abraham.

You came from Ur, the land of the Chaldeans. God had called Abraham. You left Ur with Abraham and moved to the land that God had promises Abraham.

During your journeys there was a drought. Abraham heard that the drought was not in Egypt. When you arrived in Egypt, Abraham almost lost you to the pharaoh because of your beauty. God intervened and you were returned to Abraham. The pharaoh compensated Abraham with gifts.

Abraham believed God and obeyed him in everything. When God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, Abraham was prepared to do it because God had asked him to. God had tested Abraham and had found him faithful. Abraham did not need to sacrifice Isaac.

Yes, you had a son called Isaac when you were about ninety years old. You were barren and could not have children. God promised you and Abraham a descendant. He promised Abraham that he would be the father of many nations. All nations would be blessed through Abraham. When you heard the promise, you laughed. The name Isaac means laughter.

Years had gone by and the promise was not fulfilled. You thought perhaps the promised did not include you as the mother. Therefore you gave Hagar, your Egyptian slave, to Abraham to give him a son. Hagar bore Ishmael. Years later God kept His promise to you and Abraham and you gave birth to Isaac.

Your relationship with…

“I remember” Sarah interrupted. “I remember everything. I remember when we left Ur. Abraham’s nephew Lot came with us. Abraham and Lot’s herdsmen began to fight amongst each other. Abraham decided that they should part ways, the herds were too big. Lot left for the valley close to the cities Sodom and Gomorrah.

I remember Abraham telling the Egyptians I am his sister, which is true. I am his half-sister. The pharaoh wanted me as his wife. I remember the day when God intervened and I could return to my loving husband.”

Sarah continued telling the heroes and heroines about her life with Abraham as it is written in the book of Genesis chapters twelve to twenty-three.

Then she gave a gasp. “I know who the younger woman is who looked familiar. Her name is Hagar. She is my slave who I gave to Abraham to give him a son. She gave birth to Ishmael. That is when our relationship deteriorated. We were not good to each other anymore. I would like to speak to her, to right the wrongs I did. “

The heroes and heroines were very excited. They brought Hagar and Sarah to each other. It was late at night and the two women were chatting and comparing notes. They decided to leave together to go back home. They thanked the heroes and heroines but did not need them to escort them home.


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Retha Groenewald

Retha Groenewald, is a Christian, passionate about the Bible and author of fantasy novel The Four Faces. She loves storytelling, reading, researching, and writing. She has degrees in nutrition, business, law, and theology. She is a member of Elim in Durbanville. She lives in Western Cape, in beautiful South Africa.

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  1. Bonnie Gean

    What a wonderful break from Internet marketing articles! :)

    I hope your day is going well so far, Retha.
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..5 Important Things To Consider Before Installing WordPressMy Profile

    1. Retha Groenewald

      Hi Bonnie, thanks for visiting and for your comment.

  2. Barbara

    Hi Retha, I know I am missing something here. Can you please explain who the heroes and heroines are? Thanks.

    1. Retha Groenewald

      Hi Barbara, we are the heroes and heroines that go on these journeys. Each journey is a series. Currently it is about women in the Bible. In other words it is a different way of doing Bible Study with questions, quizzes and puzzles to solve. It is for the kid in us LOL.

  3. Aletha McManama

    Retha, this is really neat how you put together the story of the women in the Bible. I’m going to subscribe to your blog because I love to read the Bible and sometimes I just need to have it put in simple terms for me to really understand what the biblical story is about.
    Aletha McManama recently posted..Blog Comments vs. Facebook CommentsMy Profile

    1. Retha Groenewald

      Aletha, thank you very much, you make my heart sing.
      If you want to read about the Gospels, I am blogging about the Gospels in chronological order on my other blog Bible Fascination (http://www.biblefascination.com)

      1. Aletha McManama

        Perfect, Retha! I immediately subscribed to your other blog. I look forward to reading it!
        Aletha McManama recently posted..Blog Comments vs. Facebook CommentsMy Profile

        1. Retha Groenewald

          Thanks Aletha, that is a great compliment.

  4. Liz

    I really loved the character of Sarah in the Bible, but I thought it was terrible that every time that Abraham got scared, he would give her to whoever was scaring him. Was that a cultural thing that men would give their “sisters” over to powerful men? I never understood that part of the story.
    Liz recently posted..I am the HedgehogMy Profile

    1. Retha Groenewald

      Hi Liz, thank you for your very interesting comment. Sarah was Abraham’s half sister. Yes, he was scared for his life. Sarah was very beautiful. If the pharaoh wanted Sarah and he knew she was married to Abraham, he would have killed Abraham and taken Sarah. Abraham lied to save his own life. Perhaps he should not have lied, and rather trusted in God. That is the lesson we can learn – when we are in a tight situation to trust God rather than man.

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